Human Walking Billboards

Human Walking Billboards

Human walking billboards are available to promote your brand anywhere day or night.

Professional brand ambassadors personally spread your message with unique and eye-catching word-of-mouth marketing campaigns.

We’ll reach your exact audience anywhere anytime.

Illuminate Mobile’s human walking billboards draw attention to brand ambassadors and your ad while they’re distributing product samples and other marketing materials.

Our human billboards offer a large rear ad unit as well as a smaller advertising space over the brand ambassador's head. All Illuminated Mobile’s walking billboards are back-lit offering unparalleled visibility.

These walking billboards are very unique and impossible to miss especially when executed with one of our digital mobile billboard trucks.

We’re a wonderful solution for large and small advertisers to target sporting venues, nightclubs, festivals, street fairs, and more.

Experiential Marketing is engaging, memorable, personable, interactive and a social media driver.