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Illuminated Mobile owns and operates our digital billboard trucks and other advertising equipment and hires drivers, event managers and brand ambassadors that are highly skilled, professionally qualified. All employees are provided with continuous training and education.

Our approach is consultative allowing us to best understand your marketing goals and objectives so that when you take your campaign live your ads are amplified to the right people at the right time.

100% share of voice, your brand owns the truck! You’re the only advertiser on all three sides. Advertisers can run unlimited static or video creatives in rotation and change it as often as you would like. Day parting and cab wrapping is available.

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Why Market with Digital Mobile Billboards?

Core values: Integrity, Communication, Innovation, Efficiency

Illuminated Mobile is committed to creating a culture that serves our customers by understanding their ever-evolving objectives and using the latest technology and methods to meet those objectives.

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Best News Blog For Digitial Billboard Truck Advertising

Created for impact and awareness, digial billboard truicks are available throughout the United States. Mobile billboard truck advretising will always deliiver impactful advertising!

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