LED Mobile Billboards in Alabama

Illuminated Mobile provides LED Digital Billboard Truck Advertising, 312-924-7979 – Mobile Digital LED Billboard Trucks – Advertising trucks available in all major markets!

Illuminated Mobile LED Digital Billboard Truck Advertising is hired by national and local advertising agencies, media buyers, brands, marketing directors and product managers. For the finest in out-of-home, OOH media, our digital billboard trucks compliment mobile billboard advertising campaigns with impossible to miss digital LED mobile billboard trucks. Advertising trucks target shopping malls, retail establishments, grocery stores, concerts, sports arenas, roads and highways throughout Alabama and the entire Southeastern United States.

Advertising trucks are available anytime, anywhere in Alabama, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In today’s demanding advertising market outdoor mobile media is the most effective and efficient forms of advertising available and often times we can have an adverting truck live in market in 24 hours.  Email: john@IlluminatedMobile.com for a free quote.

Illuminated Mobile LED Digital Billboard Truck serves all of Alabama and states and cities near Alabama with mobile media including billboard trucks and truckside advertising, from Auburn & Birmingham to Montgomery, Huntsville, Decatur, Mobile, Talladega, Tuscaloosa, Dothan, Hoover,  Madison and the entire Southeastern United States and Gulf Coast including everything south of the Mason–Dixon line, the Ohio River, the 36°30’ parallel with advertising routes far west as Arkansas and Louisiana.

Call 312-924-7979 to advertise with digital LED billboard mobile billboards. 312-924-7979,  john@IlluminatedMobile.com