What’s the best way to make sure people know about you?

By leading and being worth knowing about, and that’s exactly what a billboard truck does!

Exposure: Mobile billboard advertising truck campaigns are successful because of the undisputable fact that our trucks are impossible to miss and you can’t ignore them. We make sure people look at what you’re promoting by strategically driving the truck to maximize exposure. At Illuminated Mobile we do everything to get people’s attention with our clean flashy LED lights. What’s the best way to make sure people know about you? By leading and being worth knowing about, and that’s exactly what a billboard truck does! We make sure people see your ad and encourage them to become your new customer by promoting the products and services your business offers.

Return: Compared to traditional, online banner or other more common types of advertising, mobile billboard trucks are some of the least expensive when evaluated from a per thousand impressions basis. That means for every 1000 people you try and influence, mobile billboard trucks across the board are much more effective and therefore are more affordable. Our LED trucks allow for multiple ads to be run in rotation, so you can say more in the same space! When anyone turns to advertising, they are doing so for a reason. That reason may be that you want more people to be aware of your business. Or you might just want to increase sales. Advertising is essentially an investment that businesses make with the expectation to increase customers and sell more of your products and services. This is your return on investment.

You Look Extraordinary Darling: Illuminated mobile billboards are beautiful and we make your message look spectacular. How many of your competitors have powerful, in-your-face advertising that can be wherever it is required? Not many I bet, you will be the category leader by implementing outdoor advertising on a billboard truck, you will stand out from the crowd and win people over. Having professionally driven trucks showcasing beautiful display ads will make people feel good about your business. Our clients love what we’ve done with their images, let us help you tell your business story today on LED mobile billboard truck!

Outdoor advertising has never been as innovative and effective as it is today with our LED billboard trucks.

By leading and being worth knowing about, and that’s exactly what a billboard truck does! In fact, our mobile billboard trucks are big they’re impossible to miss and with good creative it makes people want to look at them. People almost always appreciate good advertising!

Compelling Facts

In addition to having your billboard driven exactly when and where you want, you can supplement the truck with experiential marketing, brand ambassadors, sign holder, street teams, sign spinners or just handout pamphlets. We can handle all of this for you and we will handle everything turn-key for you. This will help you reach every new customer and while encouraging people to buy from you! For performance review, we will send you daily photo recapping your billboard and activity to give you documentation of how your campaign is being delivered in the market. Basically you receive a daily campaign briefing and an idea of where things stand.

Outdoor advertising has never been as innovative and effective as it is today with our billboard trucks. Especially if you already have a current, place based billboard, consider making your billboard mobile with us to garner up to substantial more attention to your ad effort! Mobile billboards are far more effective because:

  • Most people drive: More so today, still nearly 85% of people are getting places in their car. With so many people on the road, even post covid 19 it makes it a necessity to put your ad on the road to reach them. You have the ability to place your ad directly in front of your target audience anytime and anywhere, this is our corporate motto!
  • Attention Getting: Our mobile billboard trucks are big and hard to miss. This is because they’re big, flashy and make people want to look at them. People can’t miss the truck and best yet, they see your ad! Substantially higher than traditional advertising methods 96% of people were able to fully recall the ad they saw on a mobile billboard and these same people have indicated they’d make a purchasing decision based on the ad they saw.

Benefits For You!

By now you are convinced how impactful and useful a mobile LED truck can be. We offer a unique solution of effective advertising for any type or size of businesses. Imagine yourself watching a commercial on TV at home. Now imagine yourself driving to the store or mall and seeing a giant, glowing, LED display sporting some kind of smart advertisement. Which one is going to stick out in your head? Which one will you actually remember? Of course it’s the exciting, impossible-to-ignore LED display that came to you. It is probably something you and millions of other people have never seen before, and what better way to turn heads than something we haven’t seen before?


Billboard truck advertising offers unparalleled benefits that produce top shelf results. You’ll quickly realize that mobile billboard advertising offers the best bang for your marketing dollar. Mobile billboard advertising is inexpensive (per impression) and is the most effective advertising available. Here are some of the best reasons to put your billboard on a mobile ad truck:

  • Readiness: Using our mobile billboard trucks allows you to take your message and reach people and areas that you might not have been able to previously tell your story to. This also offers a more affordable way of outside advertising that would be much more expensive if you advertised directly in a venue, arena or location. Billboard truck advertising allows savvy advertisers a means to target hyperlocal  communities with a location-specific approach that may not be available otherwise. Based on availability sometimes we can have truck in market on the same day!  How’s that for efficiency and speed to market! Call us today at 312-924-7979 or email us at info@illuminatedMobile.com.
  • Mobility: Our specially designed trucks take your message mobile. To do this, your message will be locally broadcast to anyone nearby and is impossible to miss with huge, visually stimulating displays. The truck will run based on a schedule that you request, with special emphasis placed on ensuring we encounter the most traffic as possible. More traffic means more eyes on your display! There isn’t a better time than when traffic comes to a halt to have your beautifully displayed ad in front of thousands of eyes.
Let’s Get The Truck Wheels Rolling Today!

We’re optimistic that by now, you think billboard truck advertising is a market winner, a driver to increase your sales, an unique, effective, and just downright awesome and we do too! Dazzlingly displaying your message to as many people as possible is our number one goal. To make that happen, we are proud to offer a different approach to advertising, something that’s unquestionably impactful, flashy and engaging speaking directly to your new and best prospects.

It doesn’t matter if you have a simple jpeg image, or a full blown windows media file video, or multiple ads to rotate, we can make it you a category leader so come along for the ride and let the followers follow. A mobile billboard advertising campaign is a secret weapon and let us give you quality results that you deserve at an affordable price!

Make your business rise above the stragglers and get quality results, give us a call today at 312-924-7979 and see how we can help you grow your sales! For any other questions or comments, please call or fill out our contact form located here.

We successfully drive your message to your target audience exactly when you want them delivered.

Our mobile billboard truck will permeate your desired market with repeated exposure and drive your message to your core audience.

Unlike other forms of advertising mobile billboard advertising truck ad message can’t be turned off, tuned out or thrown out. It’s seen and mentally consumed.

Why does your brand and company need our LED mobile billboards?  Because you need new loyal customers!

Our LED mobile billboard will attract attention as they drive down the street looking like a giant video truck!

All Illuminated Mobile Campaigns Features:

  • Exclusive Truck Display
  • 3-sided Digital Mobile Billboard for multiple rotating ads
  • First class service
  • Professional staff and drivers
  • GPS Reports
  • Daily photos taken throughout the campaign.
  • Optional handouts of supplied collateral and brochures
  • 24 hour communication with executive staff
  • Clean-cut courteous professional drivers
  • Planning the most effective route for your ad campaign
  • You’ll receive photos of where your Mobile Billboard Ad each day

Targeting: The right demographic targeting is the key element in any form of advertising and our truck advertising delivers your target customer more so than Radio, TV,  Web/Social media, Newspaper, Magazine, Direct marketing, and more.

Right Timing: Where and when? Mobile billboard trucks solve that problem. Billboard trucks travel anywhere anytime to target the right demographic at the right time and right place. Advertising Delivered Any Time Anyplace, that been the Illuminated Mobile motto since day one!

What’s the two second rule? … Less is More!: When we are discussing out-of-home advertising creative units and your messaging, it means talking to a fast paste and on the go consumer. A nice short and sweet to the point message on the billboard truck will deliver a higher result impression point-by-point, slide-by-slide!

Form of Delivery: How you say it and show it, matters. B illboard trucks are known for when you see something  unique you’ll remember it vs something that you see on regular bases everyday so that when you see a cleaver advertising campaign or message on the mobile billboard truck you’ll remember it longer and easier vs seeing it on YouTube or on the television the billboard on the side of the road that you pass by every day you will remember and recall.  Can you immediately name three ads that you recently saw on TV or on YouTube?  We don’t think you can.

Mobile Billboards are Captivating?

Mobile Billboard Advertising

Advertising these days is an evolving field that requires constant adapting. There are always new ways of promoting your products, services and important announcements and considering all the these channels customers can be reached through you have to think of what is best for advertising recall. Previously, one might have only seen advertisements on TV or billboards scattered across the city. But now, there are advertisements on street furniture, hand sanitizer dispensers, social media feeds, music streaming services, and almost anywhere else you might think of.

This creates a lot of competition within a market. Serious competitors must actively focus on unique, effective ways of conveying their message. It can often be difficult to think through all these optoins and deliver your message in a way that will be memorable and people will remember what you’re selling. One of those new and exciting advertising strategies that delivers high memory recall is the use of mobile billboard advertising!

You’re probably wondering what is a mobile billboard? A mobile billboard is similar to any other billboard, except that it is attached to a moving truck that can display your billboard ad anywhere at anytime. Mobile billboards are great for eye popping messages during concerts or special events where a lot of people around, or even everyday advertising for people on their daily commutes or running errands in hyperlocal neighborhoods. Mobile billboards can go where you need, when you need them, offering the best way for people that see the advertising truck and to be aware of you.

Outdoor advertising on the back of a truck is an excellent way to get direct exposure in a specific hyperlocal market area. It is a highly targeted and a direct approach at influencing specific people in any area. So what you may ask is mobile billboard advertising is and how it can help you increase your sales and brand awareness? Keep reading and on the rest of this page we’ll answer all of your questions.

Billboards, On Trucks, Really?

Yes, you heard that exactly right! Illuminated Mobile transforms the large format stationary billboard industry into an on-the-go roaming highly targeted advertising medium that means intriguing messages are bound to catch eyes and turn heads to deliver ultra high advertising recall. Mobile billboards have transformed the billboard industry exactly like how text messaging & emailing changed how people communicate now allowing for instant peer-to-peer communication. The key is that mobile billboards allow us to reach people who are on the go and deliver immediate response.

When people only used stationary computers they had to physically go where the computer was. With a place-based billboard, you have to keep your fingers crossed that people will physically go to where your billboard is located in order to see your message. Billboard truck advertising turns your billboard into a smart ad by allowing your message to mobilize and go where it’s needed rather than hoping your audience will see your message.

Technology continues to develop and new applications, programs and apps are made daily. Brilliant minds across the world are creating ways to help people rein in hectic lives and technology advancements to work smarter including buying and placing and targeting advertising! Putting your billboard on wheels is just part of that movement. Place your trust with Illuminated Mobile to showcase your ad in the best way to people who will consume and absorb your message.

Digital truck advertising or LED mobile billboard truck advertising!

Don’t wait for the customer to drive by your ad when you can drive your ad by the customer or competitor.
LED mobile Billboard truck advertising offers exceptional reach and value. Truck advertising is visible to tens of thousands of people in a short amount of time because they travel, and they can reach into areas in town and cities where other media can’t. The advantage of using digital mobile billboard truck is to drive your brand or advertising message where other media can’t reach or in many cases other advertising mediums are not available.

Looking for a post Covid-19 impactful form of out-of-home (OOH) advertising?
Now that we’re looking at covid-19 in the rearview mirror socially responsible people are starting to stretch their legs, plan their lives, go on drive and air vacations, go to their favorite restaurants, gather with loved family members and planning time with precious friends, basically living life once again and this creates an opportunity for your LED truck side advertising to be even more impactful on our truck!

No other ad medium can guarantee coverage at the exact physical locations of your audience lives, plays, congregates or works.

Digital truck advertising or static banner billboard truck? Mobile billboard trucks can deliver your ad message and is the best way to reach your audience. Digital Billboard trucks are eye catching and they’re the most unique form of media you can buy and it’s the best for high recall days after seeing.
Mobile billboard truck advertising (MBB/OOH) puts you directly in front of your audience at the perfect time to build your brand and sell your products.

We propose to develop a set of targeted OOH campaigns that target your core audience where they work, play, shop, etc. This will ensure that your brand stays front and center as your target audience consumes your message.

By using our LED mobile billboard vehicles you can reach out to your important prospects, at the right place, at the right time.
LED mobile Billboard truck can bring any message or advertisement to hard-to-reach location and we will deliver immediate, overwhelming and targeted results. Our led billboard trucks routes are determined to meet your individual client goals and objectives.

If we are targeting one or several major markets, or small town rural USA area we take direction from you… essentially making it your billboard on wheels. We reach your target audience that works best for your business such as grand openings, product launches, recruitment campaigns, political campaigns and special promotions, branding and more.